הודי 3D Thermo Seamless Zip Hoodie

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Ultra-comfortable secondary layer protecting you from the cold as you train or go out by a chilly day.
​Perfect to wear as an intermediate layer on top of a t-shirt or a shirt in any situation, the 3D Thermo Seamless Woodpulp Zip Hoodie keeps you warm, comfortable with a casual and smart look. Made of woodpulp fibers, it helps regulating your body temperature so you stay perfectly warm. Softer than cashmere and as light as wool, the woodpulp fibers deliver great comfort.Totally hydrophobic, they wick moisture away so you stay dry at all times. With its lightweight and packable format, it folds easily in your backpack or gym bag. The full-zip makes it easy for layering and meet your needs of protection or ventilation according to the temperature variations. Neither too tight, or too loose, its streamlined design is snug-fit to any morphology. A sporty design mixed with elegance makes this hoodie ideal to wear as secondary layer over your training shirt or your casual shirt for training or to chill out.