גרב ריצה/רכיבה טכנית HIGH END

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    מידות גרב MID COMPRESSION
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Featherweight multisport socks delivering the physiological benefits of compression in a mid-calf format
The Mid Compression Socks are the first multisport socks designed for those who want to enjoy the physiological benefits of compression and all the comfort and performance of a crew sock. The Mid Compression Socks will help you perform longer, faster and effortlessly by stimulating venous return, improving muscle oxygenation and absorbing shocks. As your feet hit the ground, the fibers let your feet expand naturally, bringing more stability and postural support for better resistance to the effort. The socks are seamless, ultra-light and highly ventilated reducing the risk of irritation and blisters. Your feet will remain perfectly dry in all conditions. The Mid compression socks are perfectly fitted without superfluous fabric naturally wrapping to the shape of the foot and toes. Available in blood orange, the Mid Compression Socks will perfectly match your running top and add a tonic touch to your outfit.