מכנסי פרפורמנס מידה מדיום

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Elastic closure
ULTRALIGHT: Made from thin and ultra-light fabrics, these sports shorts are the perfect match for all your workouts and running sessions. Ultra-minimalist, it is designed with a single layer of very light fabric. Therefore, the shorts are extremely light and will quickly be forgotten. A practical pocket is hidden at the waist to store your belongings.
VENTILATION AND EVACUATION: The shorts dry in no time, no matter how intense or duration. Made of microfiber, the shorts and the integrated briefs do not create irritation or unpleasant friction between the thighs. Highly breathable thanks to its fibers, air circulates freely and effectively wicks sweat away. Its non-stick properties, even during intensive effort, are proven without friction by our professional athletes.
Optimal comfort: The belt is very thin and does not have large elastic bands that could create abdominal pressure and discomfort. Ultra-stretchy and loose, it allows maximum ease of movement for a real feeling of freedom. Performance Short is designed to maintain maximum comfort at all times. Longer on the thigh than our Racing Split model, the fabric is soft and smooth.
Advanced Technology: Compressport designs all its products in Switzerland using a doctor in biomechanics. Each product benefits from medical-grade compression measured at the mercury column to achieve an unmatched result on the market. The degressive compression generated by our seamless Seamless technology allows the recovery of muscle fibers and the waste generated during the exercise.
INNOVATION AS MOTOR: With 10 years of experience in supporting high level athletes, the Compressport team is composed of fans of Triathlon, Ironman, Trail, Mount Racing and Road Running. Our values are based on Technology, Continuous Innovation and Proximity with our partner champions. Our team of athletes helps us to improve our products