סרטי זיעה/מחממי אזניים לראש סדרה ב'

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    צבע סרטי זיעה סדרה ב'
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צבע סרטי זיעה סדרה ב'
The Headband on/off is the must-have multisport accessory keeping your forehead dry and your hair out of sight. With its thousands of alveoli, the Headband On/Off wicks sweat away and dries very rapidly. No more wet heavy cloth. Seamless, without elastic, you avoid any uncomfortable chafing. Its microfibre weave makes it very soft preventing irritations and itchiness. Its ultra-extensible fibers offer a natural fit without being too tight or too loose. Ultra-light, you will forget you are wearing it! This blue model will bring a bright touch to your outfit