Compressport Seamless מידה M היקף חזה 94-102 ס"מ

  • 399.00
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- Versatile, stylish design for a casually athletic look, to be worn during sports activities or for chilling out
- Optimal comfort and zero irritation thanks to the seamless microfibre weave and ergonomic design
- Excellent thermoregulation thanks to a highly-functional microfibre weave which quickly wicks away sweat and moisture, combined with a high neck for added warmth


- Net weight: 209.00 g
- Compositions: 60 % Pa 36% Pes 4% Ea


3D Thermo Ultralight:
- A 3D knit creates a thermal mattress made of ventilation channels and air cushions. It prevents direct contact with the skin and controls temperature variations between surrounding air and the skin. Body temperature stays at its normal internal level, 36-37.5°, so that the organism functions correctly.

Body Fit:
- BodyFit design, an adjusted and very confortable cut that makes it possible to avoid all unpleasant draughts of air.

Extensible Fabric:
- Excellent extensibility, freedom of movement thanks to this innovative fiber.

- For optimum comfort, the microfibre is 100% seamless, lightweight and very soft.

Spin Control:
- This light compression area is directly woven into the fabric to ensure you have correct body positioning during long lasting effort and that your shoulders stay aligned. This will boost breathing capacity and improve oxygenation during effort and after effort will facilitate quick recovery.