PRO WINTER RUN טרייל מידה 42-44 (גרבי ריצה חורף)

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The seamless Pro Racing Socks Trail offers you exceptional stability and proprioception and the special material mix of the winter edition keeps you comfortably warm.
The areas of the sock where the foot is proven to get cold during trail running are woven from a thermally insulating blend of wool, cashmere and silk fibres. Extremely breathable ventilation panels round off the sock and keep feet dry even during intensive exertion. The trail model has a slightly higher cut and offers increased protection for lower legs and ankles with thicker and denser 3D dots. Additional 3D-DOTS combined with a 360° Arch support prevent the material from twisting, reduce the risk of blisters and provide stability in rocky terrain. Comfortable compression promotes blood circulation and a reinforced toe box reduces the risk of blue nails.
Normal size
Close-fitting, athletic cut