PRO WINTER RUN מידה 42-44 (גרבי ריצה חורף)

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Extremely efficient, fully insulating and more than breathable, these Pro Racing Socks V3 Winter Run guard your feet from extreme colds and prevent uncomfortable feelings. By favorising venous return, the socks bring tonicity to your stride. Compressive, they improve venous return thanks to their stretchy fibres. Foot posture doesn’t deteriorate in spite of fatigue.

Details :
A combination of Merino wool and silk will warm your feet like no other.
These two natural fibres, soft and light, are ideal thermo-regulators that stabilise body temperature.
The 3D Dots help evacuate sweat so your feet stay fresh and cool and keep the socks in place.
The arch support of each sock boosts venous return.
Blood circulation is facilitated and stimulated so the extremities are better irrigated and your feet stay warm.
Thanks to the 3D Dots, these run socks do not slip in the shoes.
Ergonomic, each sock naturally fits each foot, free of friction and rubbing.
Thanks to the extensible fibre, the toes and the feet have enough space to expand naturally.
Your proprioception is accentuated as the feet, the foot arch and the ankle are well held.