SKI_MO WINTER גרבי חורף צמר מרינו מידה 42-44

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Compressport Alpine Ski Full Socks protect the shins that always take a serious beating when you're a serious skier. Two years of R&D along with professional athletes have resulted in a new extra-thick compression sock with a novel silicone pad for maximum protection so you can concentrate on sliding and speeding, instead of your painful shins and frozen toes! A careful blend of merino wool and silk fibers are woven together to create thick, elastic panels for maximum warmth and comfort. Light Compression stimulates blood flow, reduces muscle vibration and delays fatigue. The extra-large 3D points provide micro-massage and protection across the instep, Achilles and calf. A tight arch support with pump up technology increases venous return and prevents the sock from twisting and causing blisters, while reinforced toe and heel boxes improve comfort and grip. The protective silicone pad adheres to the adhesive on the front of the sock: no pocket, no seams, no irritation.